Baby steps…

I am not a runner.

So why the hell did I sign up for a half marathon?

I’ve tried over the years to get into running. Stairs? Sure! Sprints? OK! But a RUN, run? Nooope. Any prolonged distances – and by prolonged, I mean 1 mile – and I’m pretty much toast. 5K “fun run?” Not so fun for me.

I run, but I am not a runner.

But then this August, I quit my job (more on that another time!), embraced funemployment, and signed up for a boxing bootcamp in an effort to keep myself on a schedule. In addition to the daily weights, drills, and general butt-kicking, we also ran.

We started easy, just twice around the block three days a week. But then it was three times around four days a week, then hill sprints, then halfway around the lake, then all the way around the lake… Every. Day. But to my great surprise, I started to enjoy the morning runs.

lake merritt

And with a view like this, can you blame me?

While I’ve started to like running, I still can’t seem to motivate myself to run for running’s sake. So somehow, here we are now. Registered for my first half marathon, a week into training, and looking constantly ahead towards that March 25 deadline.

So yeah. I’m not a runner. Yet. But I’m working on it.

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